Thursday, 2 April 2009

Murder on Nelson Road!

Call the Miss Marple!- a murder has been committed with the purportrator left unknown!

Sorry if you were eating your tea when you read this but this is the second victim in 1 week! My poor goldfish are being picked off one by one! :(

The victim has its head and tail eaten with the body discarded on the gravel just next to the pond.

Any ideas on who decided to have sushi for lunch?

I have 2 cats but they have never shown any interest in the fish before- indeed ive never actually heard of cats catching a fish from a pond. We do have foxes and other cats that come into the garden- my money is on a male tabby cat who we often have to chase out of the garden as he menaces my cats- grrrr!
The murder scene.... (i put the ferns on the wood to the right since discovering the body to hopefully make it harder for anything to get at the fish.)

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  1. Sorry to hear about the murders. Do you get herons in your area?

    I feel a poll coming on...


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