Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Breaking News!

There is a possibility we may be able to get an allotment this year! Am incredibly excited about this as we try each year to grow veggies in our garden- but I never let P plant them out in the garden as I don't want to give up the space. And they never seem to do very well. (apart form our tomatoes in the hanging basket last year- they were great!) So if we get an allotment we can grow exactly what we want- and pretty much as much as we like!

The only solution was to get an allotment!

Will let you know if we are successful- but allotments are like gold dust around here- but this has been in the pipeline for some years.

Hmm will we be self sufficient in veggies too by the end of the year??- first eggs now veggies and fruit!

Wheres the goat and the bees?!

This could be the start of something beautiful! (and back breaking!)


  1. You need to move out our way - plenty of allotments going in the fair London borough of Hounslow!

    I tried veggies in containers and it seemed like too much work for not enough returns. My Paul started watching James Wong and suddenly got the inspiration to grow herbs, so we'll see how we get on stopping our men from invading our gardens!

  2. Cool beans! (quite literally!)

    Good luck with that Owen. Did you ever watch The Good Life? I loved that show when they showed the re-runs on BBC2.

    I planted up a herb garden last week, which I'm really pleased with. Will take some pics when I get a chance.

  3. Evening Owen,

    Thanks or your kind comments regarding my pictures. I am very new to this blogging thing so it is all a learning curve. The Lizards have been around since the '70s I believe. I would be very interested in a bit more info about the Aesculapian snakes as I have never photographed them. My email address is j.e.bookstore@hotmail.co.uk

    Feel free to email me there.

    Cheers for now



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