Thursday, 5 March 2009

Jimmy Doherty- In Darwins Garden!

I've just finished watching Jimmy Doherty in his new series on BBC2 about the experiments of Charles Darwin which he used to explain the processes of Evolution- i thought it was a really interesting and a great introduction to the subject.

The piece that caught my eye was the Cat/Mice/Clover/Bumblebee experiment part.

Jimmy appeared to be bringing in for the experiment 6 hives of Bumblebees with wooden hives.

My dad is taking a Bee course at the moment in preparation for getting his own hive of Honey bees later this year- but i thought a Bumblebee hive was a lovely idea. As well as helping a declining species.

I am currently doing some research to see if I can find somewhere that sells hives with a bumblebee colony aswell- as I may have missed my chance to get a empty hive colonised this year by a wild bumblebee queen.

Will let you know if I get any response from my emails.

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