Friday, 1 May 2009

Cat vs Mouse at 2am :(

So its 2am this morning and it sounds like someone is having a rugby match in the kitchen - that means only 1 thing- the cats have got a mouse. I get out of bed and find that the mouse is still alive but India has it in her mouth and wont let it go- and she is growling to the world in general!

Normally she would run out the cat flap when she sees me coming (as I'm a spoil sport and always take the mouse off her) but as the cat flap is set to in-only (as its fox cub season) she cant escape- I then proceed to wrestle with the cat trying to prise open her mouth and let the mouse go- the mouse decides its time to try to make a break for it and starts trying to bite me and India - probably scared out of its life! So eventually I get her let the mouse go and take it up the garden and let it go under a bush- I didn't give it much odds on surviving tho.

So now I have completely woken up, I leave a grumpy cat in the kitchen and head back to bed. I know I cant stop her hunting- and so I keep them in at night, but now she had the mouse I just didn't want it running behind the fridge and dying! Or a repeat of when I walked out of the bedroom and stepped on a dead mouse bare foot- eeuuuuggghhhhh!!

Now living with Siamese cats- you get uses to them making noises 24/7 but for the sheer variety of noises India wins the prize- she chatters at the birds in the trees through the window, yaps back at you like a naughty child when you tell her off for scratching the sofa or trying to climb up onto the shelf in the lounge by balancing on the tv) and mews at you to get attention. India was the cat that we really didn't intend to get, but our neighbours cat had kittens and we honestly only went to help our friend who wanted to choose a kitten for herself- and then we got caught up in the whole lethal cuteness that kittens seem to posess- so our friend took home Indias brother and sister and India came home with us- how did that happen? The Siamese cats definitely did not approve of this rash decision- and took months for them to settle down- luckily for her India seemed completely oblivious to the death stares she was getting everyday!
When you look at her India looks superficially like a tabby cat but she has good breeding in her family! Her mum is a pedigree Bengal Cat who fell for the charms of the local black Tom cat! So when you actually look at her patterns she has spotted coat rather than stripes as a normal tabby has. She also appears to have got her mums hunting instinct too resulting in 'fun' things like the above happening!

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  1. What a NICE blog!! I'll be starting one of my own soon for my artwork, but in the meantime I have a squidoo story about my own tabby cat. (dearly departed :(



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