Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Nelson Road chicken flock increases in number......

I wanted you to meet the new girls!

They came from a breeder in Dorset and picked them up while I was down there last friday.

I have 3 little Pekins (Millefleur, Mottled and a Blue) and a Partridge Silkie.

They are about 8 weeks old- and are all girls- however im a little suspicious of the Mottled Pekins comb- it looks a little large for my liking but ive got my fingers crossed as its a long way to go to take her/him back!

Because they are still young they are staying inside at night for the next weeks or so before going out permanently- and intergrated hopefully with the rest of the girls later in the summer.

We have decided the names of the new girls are:

Storm- the Blue Pekin
Twiggy- the Mottled Pekin
Fleur- the Millfleur Pekin
and Dodo the Partridge Silkie

Me trying to make friends with a Pekin Cockeral at the farm!


  1. The rest of Nelson Road are going to be calling you the Crazy Chicken Guys! But it's great that you've got the space for them, and I hope you're getting lots of yummy eggs.

  2. Gorgeous looking chicks! Can I ask where you got them from? I'm in Dorset and looking for some more Pekins!


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